29 Jun 2023

WISE establishes national research infrastructure

WISE is now establishing national research infrastructures.
(Byline Thor Balkhed, Linköping University)

The long-term goal of WISE is to promote and activate a transition towards a sustainable society, while at the same time establishing Sweden as a leading nation in material science. An important part of this work is to create national infrastructures with research facilities that enable highly advanced characterization and manufacturing of materials. This is a prerequisite for innovative research of the highest quality.

WISE stands on several pillars with respect to thematic areas as well as research areas. Advanced and efficient characterization equipment and process technology for functional materials is identified as critical tools in WISE.

So, what does this investment entail? We have spoken to Magnus Berggren and Olle Eriksson, Director and Co-director of WISE, respectively, who tells us more.

-State-of-the-art characterization and analysis equipment help us to gain understanding of the microscopic mechanisms that govern the macroscopic properties of materials, whether it needs to capture photons easily to efficiently generate electricity or to optimize catalytic materials to reduce CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, says Olle Eriksson.

-Advanced tools are also needed to generate desired structures, ranging from molecular constructions to complex device architectures composed of different materials, says Magnus Berggren.

Research and technology platforms will be funded by WISE targeting to establish complementary equipment hosted at the different WISE universities. The investment will also include establishing infrastructure at the MAX IV laboratory (Swedish national synchrotron facility) and at MyFab (Swedish research infrastructure for micro- and nanofabrication).

The laboratory-based facilities will be placed at all WISE universities and these platforms will be available to all researchers connected to WISE. The total budget for this effort is 650 MSEK.