Collaborations between industry and academia is of great importance for the WISE program

Collaboration industry and academia

Advanced materials play a significant role in Swedish society, with the forest, mining, steel, and chemical industries significantly contributing to our nation’s wealth. The WISE mission is to perform basic and need-driven materials science at the international forefront to empower sustainable technologies with positive impact on society and to train future leaders in society, industry, and academia. Below, you will find several forms of WISE-industry collaborations.


To assure that WISE research is relevant and significant for sustainability, it is important that industrial prerequisites are considered. The WISE Research Arenas (WIRA) are important parts of the program, providing settings for materials scientists and engineers from academia and industry to jointly explore materials science for sustainability, aiming at bridging fundamental science with societal/industrial needs.

Industrial PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers

Industrial PhD students and industrial Postdoctoral researchers (i.e. Postdocs) performs their studies and research activities while being employed by a company (funded by WISE). Study visits to industry Network-building opportunities will be developed for PhD and Postdoctoral researchers, both through digital events and research visits to industry and organizations.

Please contact us. We look forward to joint discussions and research activities within the framework of WISE.