Industrial PhD Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

Cooperation between industry and academia strengthens Sweden's competitiveness. Taking on an industrial PhD student or an industrial Postdoctoral researcher will ensure a much-needed cross-fertilization between academia and industry and need-driven research, which is an important ingredient for Sweden to continue to be at the forefront of sustainable materials science and engineering.

What is an industrial PhD student?

An industrial PhD student (or industrial doctoral/graduate student) performs their PhD studies while employed by a company, in the private or public sector. The PhD student is enrolled in a program at an academic faculty and follows PhD courses and authors a PhD thesis following the same procedure as a university-employed PhD student.

What is an industrial Postdoctoral researcher?

An industrial Postdoctoral researcher performs their advanced research for two years while employed by a company, in the private or public sector.

Who pays for the industrial PhD student or Postdoctoral researcher?

The company hosting a WISE industrial PhD student or Postdoctoral researcher receives a fixed amount yearly from WISE corresponding to four (PhD) or two (postdoc) years of full-time studies.

Graduate school

The industrial PhDs and Postdoctoral researchers are also invited to join WISE Graduate School.

Advantages in taking on an industrial PhD student or Postdoctoral researcher

  • Increased competence in the company
  • Networking with materials researchers in industry and academia
  • Increasing competence within the academy on industrial conditions
  • Opportunity to participate in WISE activities and get in touch with the material scientists of the future


The projects are jointly applied for by an industry scientist/engineer and a WISE scientist. All WISE project calls are published on the WISE web, where you will also find information about upcoming and closed  calls.


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