Here you can view the ten last scientific articles from the WISE program. You can explore all WISE publications in more detail at any of these links. Note that the list below is generated from Scopus and the Google Scholar and DiVA results may not be fully synchronized.

  • Coupled atomistic spin-lattice simulations of ultrafast demagnetization in 3d ferromagnets

    Pankratova M. et al.
    Scientific Reports 2024-12-01

  • Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions, Néel skyrmions and V4 magnetic clusters in multiferroic lacunar spinel GaV4S8

    Borisov V. et al.
    npj Computational Materials 2024-12-01

  • Three-dimensional magnetic nanotextures with high-order vorticity in soft magnetic wireframes

    Volkov O.M. et al.
    Nature Communications 2024-12-01

  • Anisotropic foams derived from textile-based cellulose nanocrystals and xanthan gum

    Ruiz-Caldas M.X. et al.
    Carbohydrate Polymers 2024-08-15

  • Synthesis of Well-Ordered Functionalized Silicon Microwires Using Displacement Talbot Lithography for Photocatalysis

    Eriksson A. et al.
    ACS Omega 2024-05-07

  • Diffusional Electron Transport Coupled to Thermodynamically Driven Electron Transfers in Redox-Conductive Multivariate Metal-Organic Frameworks

    Li J. et al.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 2024-05-01

  • Exploring the Mechanism of the Electrochemical Polymerization of CO2 to Hard Carbon over CeO2(110)

    Keller F. et al.
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2024-04-18

  • Mechanism of CO2 Electroreduction to Multicarbon Products over Iron Phthalocyanine Single-Atom Catalysts

    Khakpour R. et al.
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2024-04-11

  • Efficiency Roll-Off in Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells

    Zhang X. et al.
    Advanced Materials 2024-04-11

  • Charging behavior of ZnMn2O4 and LiMn2O4 in a zinc- and lithium-ion battery: an ab initio study

    Sousa O.M. et al.
    JPhys Energy 2024-04-01