10 Oct 2023

WISE congratulates 2023 Nobel Prize laureates

Eleven distinguished individuals have been awarded the Nobel Prize in 2023. Among them, Pierre Agostini (USA), Ferenc Krausz (Germany,) and Anne L’Huillier (Sweden) have jointly received the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Their pioneering work in generating attosecond (10-18 s) pulses of light has fantastic implications for the study of electron dynamics in matter.

-Attosecond spectroscopy is connected in a wider sense to ultrafast dynamics of materials and pump-probe experiments, playing a crucial role in advancing our understanding of materials. These technologies are used extensively by the materials science community at, for example, the XFEL facility in Hamburg and the femtosecond X-ray beamline at the MAX IV short-pulse facility (SPF) in Sweden, says Olle Eriksson, co-Director of WISE.

Similarly, Moungi G. Bawendi (USA), Louis E. Brus (USA) and Alexei I. Ekimov (USA) were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023 for the discovery and development of quantum dots. Their fantastic work, then performed at Bell Laboratories, is today inspiring many material scientists around the world to explore quantum dots in energy technology and catalysis for green chemistry.

-The quantum dots are certainly crucial for the research conducted in WISE, says Magnus Berggren, Director of WISE.

 WISE sends warm congratulations to all the laureates for their outstanding contributions to society.