28 Nov 2023

WISE celebrates ERC grantees Anneli Kruve and Simone Fabiano

WISE takes great pride in endorsing ERC grantees, and WISE researchers Anneli Kruve from Stockholm University and Simone Fabiano from Linköping University.

On November 23, the European Research Council (ERC) announced a set of 308 ERC Consolidator Grants 2023. Fourteen of these grantees are affiliated with Swedish universities out of which two are WISE researchers.

The ERC Consolidator Grant is designed to support excellent scientists and scholars at mid-career stage, aiding them in consolidating their research groups. In 2023, the ERC allocated 627 million euros in grants to foster outstanding research throughout Europe, as part of the EU’s Horizon Europe program.

WISE takes great pride in endorsing ERC grantees, including WISE researchers Anneli Kruve from Stockholm University and Simone Fabiano from Linköping University.

Anneli Kruve

Anneli Kruve, an Associate Professor at Stockholm University and head of the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, secured funding from ERC with the aim of advancing our understanding of toxic chemicals in environmental samples. Her goal is to develop comprehensive and more accurate methodologies for the characterization and measurement of such substances.

-I am extremely thankful for having received ERC CoG to support the research of my group on evaluating and discovering toxic chemicals in the environment but also consumer products. We will focus on evaluating the toxicity of chemicals that have not yet been unequivocally identified. This will allow us to focus on resolving the structure for the chemicals that truly matter by developing a set of machine learning approaches for structure generation and evaluation, says Anneli Kruve.

To learn more about Anneli’s WISE project please visit: https://wise-materials.org/project/toxicity-guided-inverse-design-of-materials-for-environmental-remediation/

 Simone Fabiano

Simone Fabiano is an Associate Professor at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics in Linköping University. In recent years, his research team has successfully engineered artificial neurons and synapses utilizing polymers. His ERC project aims at integrating these components into an artificial network that emulates the computation ability of the brain, which may lead to electronics that consume much less energy.

-I am grateful and excited for this opportunity. This award is not just mine but a recognition for the whole group and the incredible work they have done over the years. Now the fun part starts, so let’s keep the curiosity alive and the breakthroughs coming! says Simone Fabiano.

To learn more about Simone Fabiano’s WISE projects please visit: https://wise-materials.org/project/terasolar/ and https://wise-materials.org/project/water-based-n-type-conductive-polymer-inks/

The results of the ERC’s consolidator grants can be found here: https://erc.europa.eu/news-events/news/erc-2023-consolidator-grants-results