12 Mar 2024

We are happy to introduce Eva Gustavsson as one of our speakers at the WISE Dialogue conference, March 14-15.

Eva is the vice President of Materials & Package at Tetra Pak and will talk about material innovation and research.

-My role is to focus on technologies for Tera Pak’s packages and packaging materials. Sustainable materials are our main focus, and we develop new materials and build capabilities to meet the demands of a sustainable future, says Eva.

What is your talk about at WISE Dialogue?
-In my talk I will share how important material innovation and research is for the future of Tetra Pak. We have decided to lead the sustainability transformation in our business, and I will share some of our plans.

Could you give a word of encouragement to the new WISE PhD students and postdocs?
-Materials are key for a sustainable future and without understanding of the fundamentals in materials we will not be able to do the necessary sustainability transformation fast enough. Your PhD projects plays an important role. The network, knowledge, and competence you build also will give you a fantastic platform make a difference both in industry and academia!