18 Dec 2023

The first WISE study trip went to Stena Recycling, MAX IV, and NanoLund

On December 5-6, 2023, PhDs and Postdocs within WISE participated in a study trip to the south of Sweden, organized by WISE graduate school. On this very first WISE study trip, we visited Stena Recycling, MAX IV, NanoLund.

MAX IV is a Swedish national laboratory providing scientists with x-rays for research, with Lund University as the host. NanoLund is a world-leading research environment, also at Lund University.

-We are so happy that we could offer our WISE Graduate School participants these very interesting visits. A big thank you goes to all the local organizers and volunteers for welcoming us and showing us around, and we hope that we can visit again with a new batch of PhD students and postdocs. We learned lots about recycling, x-ray physics, nanophysics, and laser physics (this year’s Nobel Prize), says Anna Delin, Director of the WISE Graduate School.

-The trip gave the graduate school participants an opportunity to meet and network, not only within the group but also with senior researchers and industry representatives. We hope this trip gave the participants valuable inspiration and knowledge to bring back to their home universities, continues Anna Delin.

-It was an instructive and delightful experience in which we had the opportunity to meet with industry experts and PhD and Postdoc fellows. It was definitely a motivational exercise for curious and restless minds in knowledge, says Ania Beatriz Rodríguez Barrera, WISE PhD student at Linköping University.

-The trip to Stena Recycling was very fun and would highly recommend it to others. The employees from Stena Recycling welcomed us with open arms and taught us about how the company works, their mentality and real-life struggles in recycling. This provided valuable insights in the connection between my academic studies and real-world practices. I am very grateful for the opportunity, and I left the visit with more enthusiasm for the field, says Maggie Kroon, WISE PhD student at Lund University.