15 Mar 2023

Stefan Månsson from IKEA, speaks at WISE Dialogue

We are happy to introduce Stefan Månsson, one of our great speakers, to present at WISE Dialogue, March 22-23.

Stefan is managing IKEA’s material development agenda focusing on future materials and related production technology that have a low climate footprint and are primarily based on recycled or renewable materials.

In his talk at WISE Dialogue, he will talk about IKEAs material direction for 2030, and the challenges IKEA encounter in identifying and developing materials that are both sustainable and affordable.  

Can you give a word of encouragement to the new WISE PhD students and postdocs?
-IKEA is joining the talk to share our view on what a global manufacturing-oriented retailer desire and lack in terms of material solutions to meet the climate challenges. And hopefully inspire research to support the challenges that we share with many other companies across the world.