24 Aug 2023

Professor Olof Karis, speaks at the Welcome Meeting

We are happy to introduce Professor Olof Karis, one of our great speakers at WISE Welcome Meeting, August 28-30.

Olof is a professor in experimental physics at Uppsala University, focusing on ultrafast electron dynamics in magnetic materials and energy harvesting materials. Since July 1, 2023 he is also the Director of the Swedish synchrotron facility, MAX IV in Lund. 

What is your talk about at Welcome Meeting?
-At the Welcome Meeting, I will be giving a status update of the MAX IV facility and also discuss opportunities for WISE research, both with our current experimental capacities and what is planned for the future.

Could you give a word of encouragement to the new WISE PhD students and postdocs?
-To the new WISE PhD students and postdocs: I congratulate you to have been chosen to be part of this important initiative. The challenges our planet face are significant. It will be imperative for you to collaborate and think innovatively to give our planet a sustainable future. Your work and contributions can make a real difference.