25 Aug 2023

Professor Martin Månsson, speaks at the Welcome Meeting

We are happy to introduce Martin Månsson, one of our great speakers at WISE Welcome Meeting, August 28-30.

Martin is the director of studies for the SwedNess graduate school. He is responsible for developing and running the entire educational program. This includes both the education of our 40 PhD students as well as the SwedNess course catalogue that consists of 10 courses covering both fundamental as well as specialized knowledge in neutron scattering. All courses are open and free of charge for both our SwedNess students as well as Swedish academia and industry.

What is your talk about at Welcome Meeting?
-I will give a general introduction to the SwedNess graduate school (what we do/offer) as well as an open discussion for potential synergies between the WISE and SwedNess programs. Finally, I will also give a very general introduction to why neutron scattering is a very powerful and versatile experimental toolbox for sustainable materials science.

Could you give a word of encouragement to the new WISE PhD students and postdocs?
-To be part of a program like WISE is a really great opportunity. From my experience with SwedNess I would strongly encourage you to take the full advantage of being part of a large network of scientists from diverse research fields. This will give you the chance to tackle your scientific problems in new ways, using novel techniques and in otherwise unanticipated collaborations.