21 Mar 2023

Professor Jonas Weissenrieder to speak at WISE Dialogue

We are happy to introduce Jonas Weissenrieder, one of our speakers at the WISE Dialogue conference, March 22-23.

Jonas is a professor in Materials Physics and director of the Materials Platform at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He is one of the principal investigators awarded with one of the WISE PhD projects (WISE-ap1) to start in 2023.

During the WISE dialogue, he will talk about one the chief challenges associated with the transition from fossil resources to production of sustainable synthetic fuels, which is a requirement to mitigate the effects of climate change. The realization of ‘green’ synthetic fuels is contingent on scientific breakthroughs within heterogeneous catalysis. He will discuss how single-atom catalysts (SAC), or isolated metal ad-atoms on a support, may present a solution.

Jonas will present on March 23 during the WISE Dialogue conference 2023 in the morning section, which will place at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm (KVA).