2 May 2023

Introducing the WISE Researchers

WISE is very proud to have outstanding Professors participating in the program. We are happy to introduce Prof. Karin Lundgren from Chalmers University of Technology.

Karin Lundgren is professor in Concrete Structures and head of the Division of Structural Engineering. Her research has been ranging from large scale (complete buildings) to small scale (material level) within the field of concrete structures.

Briefly describe your WISE research project.
The aim of this project is to experimentally investigate and model the long-term performance of steel-reinforced concrete with recycled aggregates and cement largely replaced by natural pozzolans. Carbonation, chloride ingress, corrosion and cracking process will be in focus. To achieve the goals of our research project we will use image-based monitoring and models at multiple scales. Advanced methods, such as multi-modal neutron and X-ray Computed Tomography, will be strategically combined with lab-based experimental methods more readily available, such as cameras for monitoring surface deformations.

Why did you choose to join WISE?
The sustainability aspects are vital within my field, Concrete Structures, as cement is the third largest source of CO2 emissions. Alternatives in the form of low carbon dioxide composite binders exist, but it is challenging to ensure the demanding requirements for transport infrastructures with long service life in harsh environments. Thus, the vision of WISE “Materials science that enables a sustainable world” is really relevant. WISE also provides a promising platform to meet other researchers.

What are the benefits of your research for society in the future?
There is an imminent need to replace cement with low carbon dioxide composite binders and use recycled materials for built infrastructure to meet the net-zero demands in a sustainable society. We will develop novel, sustainable, composite materials for the built infrastructure of tomorrow, durable to cope with future climate effects.