5 May 2023

Introducing the WISE Researchers

WISE is very proud to have outstanding Professors participating in the program. We are happy to introduce Prof. Sheng Guo from Chalmers University of Technology.

Prof. Guo joined Chalmers in 2013, first as an Assistant Professor. His main research areas are the alloy design and structural and functional properties of concentrated multi-component alloys, with equiatomic or close-to-equiatomic compositions, better known as high-entropy alloys.

Briefly describe your research topic.
Magnetic cooling or magnetic refrigeration systems work thanks to the magnetocaloric effect that makes a magnetic material go up or down in temperature in the presence of a magnetic field. Such systems that can operate in harsh environmental conditions rely on the development of novel magnetocaloric materials. The main purpose of my WISE project is to develop innovative rare earth element (REE)-free magnetocaloric materials with balanced magnetocaloric and mechanical properties, supported by artificial intelligence.

Why did you choose to join WISE?
As a Sweden-based materials scientist, who would say no to such an attractive initiative targeting particularly at materials science? The opportunity to meet other WISE faculty members and those talented postdocs and PhD students is also exciting. I am already looking forward to identifying new research collaborations within WISE.

What are the benefits of your research for society in the future?
By developing energy-efficient and sustainable magnetic refrigerators using non-critical magnetocaloric materials, the project contributes to the UN Sustainability Development Goal (SDG) 9. Since REE mining damages seriously surface vegetation, causes soil erosion, pollution and acidification, and generates high doses of radioactive residues in the wastewater, the use of REE-free materials would therefore also contribute to SDG 12.