24 Apr 2024

Meet the people at WISE: Peter Dyreklev, Research Coordinator

Peter got his PhD degree in applied physics from Linköping university in the 90’s. After getting his degree he worked for 28 years in industry and at research institutes, mainly with thin film processes for electronic devices.

Starting in silicon-related devices and then continuously moving to organic and printed electronics. All the time with one leg in research and one leg in industry challenges.  He has worked as project manager but also with responsibility for personnel and laboratory.


Why did you choose to join WISE?
It was a very attractive opportunity to join the WISE-program as research coordinator. To be a part of the program office and contribute to the everyday work that keeps the program going. I have a background with project management in both scientific projects and technology development in industry and thought my experience and skills could be useful at the program office.

You are a research coordinator at WISE. What does the role imply?
This role contains different topics. Some parts are related to information; for example,  gathering and preparing information for decisions in the program management and WISE board. Others are execution of WISE board’s decisions concerning recruitment, funding of equipment and upcoming calls for proposals.

What would you say is the best versus the most challenging part of your job?
The best thing is to be part of the great team at the program office, keeping WISE running! The challenge for me as a newcomer is to get an overview of this large program involving all different organizations and scientists.