13 Nov 2023

Meet Jennie Jordenlöv WISE Coordinator

Jennie has always worked with service in various forms, everything from working as a travel agent to designing kitchens. Service and working with people are some of the things she loves.

You are Event Coordinator and Administrator at WISE. What does the role imply?
-At WISE, my role is to coordinate and plan our events, conferences, and study trips. I am responsible for the entire procedure from booking premises to implementation on site. It is also my responsibility to ensure that all information reaches all participants. I am also an administrator and support for Professor Magnus Berggren.

What did you do before WISE?
-Before I started working for WISE, I worked as a booking manager at Norrköping’s Visualization Center. I was responsible for all incoming requests from the public and from companies and then planning their visits. I was also responsible for packaging new concepts, purchasing for the museum shop, and scheduling for the staff.

What would you say is the best versus the most challenging part of your job?
-The challenge is that WISE grows relatively quick, which means that sometimes there are additional tasks that I need to solve on short notice. But this is also one of the positives of working at WISE!