16 Mar 2023

Maria Åstrand to speak at WISE Dialogue

We are happy to introduce Maria Åstrand, one of our speakers at the WISE Dialogue conference, March 22-23.

Maria is Vice President Cathode Active Material Northvolt AB and she is member of WISE Advisory Committee.

During her WISE Dialogue presentation, she will describe the journey to grow a company from a start up to a 4000 FTE company with several factories in only a few years and why the vision and mission to build the world´s greenest battery is so important when both attracting talent, investments and customers and with that make a true impact for the climate.

She will also give a short introduction on the material development roadmap in the battery industry and how Northvolt is a very inspirational place to work at for engineers that want to develop the next generation products and materials and contribute to the vision.

Maria will present on March 22 during the WISE Dialogue conference 2023 in the afternoon section, which will place at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm (KVA).