27 Feb 2024

Annika Ölme, CTO & Senior Vice President Technology Developmentat SKF, speaks at WISE Dialogue 2024

We are happy to introduce Annika Ölme, one of our speakers at the WISE Dialogue conference, March 14-15.

Annika is the CTO & Senior Vice President Technology Development at SKF and is responsible for Research, Technology Development, Product Development and Technology Strategy globally for SKF Group.

Annika’s talk will be about sustainability and why sustainable materials (green steel, green lubricants) are so important to us and to SKF customer, and to the world.

Could you give a word of encouragement to the new WISE PhD students and postdocs?
-Working on solving the paramount challenges related to sustainable materials is incredibly important and will only grow in importance moving forward. By researching and working in these areas, you will both contribute to a greener world, to society, to your own advancement and to key industrials companies. It is a perfect match, encouraging close collaboration between industry and academia.

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