13 Mar 2023

Anneli Kruve speaks at WISE Dialogue

We are happy to introduce Anneli Kruve, one of our great speakers, to present at WISE Dialogue, March 22-23.

Anneli is an Associate Prof. at Stockholm University. Her group’s research is focused on detection, identification, quantification, and toxicological risk assessment of chemicals present in the environment. To achieve this they combine machine learning and methods for characterization of chemicals and materials and work with mass spectrometric analysis particularly.

In WISE she will be supervising a PhD student who will work on designing materials for environmental remediation.

-I am very eager to get started on the project and to co-operate with all the brilliant people involved in WISE, says Anneli.

In Sweden, 85,000 sites with potentially contaminated soil and/or water have been identified. Recent developments in high-resolution mass spectrometry have opened possibilities for the detection of a broad spectrum of chemicals from contaminated sites, such as spill sites.

Anneli’s talk at WISE Dialogue will particularly focus on the machine learning methods that she and her research group have developed for evaluating toxicity and exposure of detected chemicals.

Anneli, could you give a word of encouragement to the new WISE PhD students and postdocs?
-WISE provides a unique opportunity to work with the most pressing issues our society is facing, which is definitely ambitious. Simultaneously, it also provides you with an interdisciplinary network for tackling these challenging questions. There is no challenge that is too big if we tackle it together! Take full advantage of this great network and don’t forget to enjoy it!