WISE Graduate School

Dedicated to developing excellence and expertise in the interdisciplinary area of materials science for sustainability.

WISE Graduate School

The WISE Graduate School offers WISE PhD students and postdoctoral researchers a great opportunity to widen perspectives and interact with the WISE community. Being part of the WISE Graduate School, you will be offered various activities that improve your skills and contribute to success in your research career. Networking within WISE and externally, study visits, and courses are important parts of the WISE Graduate School.

One mandatory course is given for WISE Graduate School PhD students yearly. The course theme is Sustainable Development. The course covers a broad view of sustainability, including, e.g., goals and policies set by the UN and IPCC, circular economy, and life cycle thinking. One aim is to get the PhD students to relate their work to higher level goals and ambitions.

The WISE Graduate School is open to WISE PhD students and postdoctoral researchers (“postdocs”) from both academia and industry. The curriculum and activities provide foundations, perspectives, and state-of-the-art knowledge, taught by leading researchers in the field.

The Graduate School ultimately aims to provide important skills needed to achieve excellence in the interdisciplinary area of materials science for sustainability, by providing added value to existing PhD courses and programs at the WISE partner universities.

The overall education leads to a PhD degree, with a degree outcome following the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance (Högskoleförordningen).