Preliminary program

Thursday, 14 March

08:15 Registration opens
09:00 Welcome to WISE – for newcomers in the WISE community
10:00 COFFEE
10:30 Welcome to WISE Dialogue 2024
10:50 IP2-presentation
11:10 BREAK
11:20 Marta-Lena Antti, Luleå University of Technology
Titel of talk: The Role of the Microstructure
11:35 Ute Cappel, Uppsala University
Titel of talk: Using synchrotron radiation to gain atomic level insight into materials for solar cells
11:50 Tetyana Budnyak, Uppsala University
12:05 LUNCH
13:00 Ericka Johnson, Linköping University
Titel of talk: Concrete tips for increasing diversity and inclusion in your research group
13:20 Anders Wijkman,
Titel of talk: Material consumption – the main driver of carbon emissions
13:40 Linnea Pettersson, VOLVO
Titel of talk: Near-zero emission materials – a necessity for low emissions cars
14:00 COFFEE
14:20 Magnus Berggren, Director of WISE
14:30 Pontus de Laval, KAW
Titel of talk: The Wallenberg Innovation Funnel
14:50 Ulf Troedsson & Magnus Lundin, EIT Inno Energy
15:10 Anders Palmqvist, Chalmers University of Technology
15:30 BREAK
15:40 Eva Gustavsson, Tetra Pak
16:00 Jinhua Sun, Chalmers University of Technology
Winner at the Best poster awards at WISE Welcome meeting 2023
16:20 Poster session with mingling
18:30 Dinner with entertainment

Friday, 15 March

08:30 Welcome to Day 2 – Magnus Berggren and Olle Eriksson
08:35 Sven Stafström och Peter Wallenberg
08:50 Fredrik Heinz, WASP
09:10 Ingrid Hotz and Igor Abrikosov, WISE/WASP project, Linköping University
Titel of talk: Advanced data-driven design of sustainable materials through visual exploration and automated analysis
09:30 Lars Nyborg and Vincenzo Gulisano, WISE/WASP project, Chalmers University of Technology
Titel of talk: Quality and Correlations Monitoring in Metal Additive Manufacturing through Efficient Streaming Machine Learning
09:50 Chao Zhang and Rocio Mercado. WISE/WASP project, Uppsala University
Titel of talk: Machine Learning-Accelerated Electrolyte Modelling and Design
10:10 COFFEE
10:35 Malina Haag & Martin Jansson, AWA Strategy
10:55 Anders Nilsson, Stockholm University
Titel of talk: Studies of catalytic materials for sustainable transformation of the CO2 emitting chemical industry
11:15 Annika Ölme, SKF
Titel of talk: SKF@sustainability inpact material science
11:35 BREAK
11:45 WISE WIRA Set
12:05 Andrea Taroni, Springer Nature
Titel of talk: “Inside Nature” – which would be a description of the editorial processes at Nature journals
12:25 Tejs Vegge, DTU Energy
Titel of talk: Understanding & designing electrochemical interfaces for sustainable batteries and Power2X
12:45 Wrap Up
13:00 End, Grab and Go lunch


Note that the first session on 14 March between 9:00 and 10:00, where we welcome all newcomers to the WISE community as well as anyone who hasn’t previously been to a WISE event. You will receive an overview presentation of the program and have opportunity to ask questions.