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Solvated Metal Oxides for Energy Storage: Proton Dynamics in Confinement

  • Energy
  • Design & Modelling
Academic project

Research question

The key scientific question for this project is how the confinement in the layered metal oxide would modulate the local solvation environment and the proton reactivity under electrochemical conditions (different pH values and voltage biases). Understanding this topic would help us to design and optimize new types of metal-oxide-based and layered materials for both supercapacitor and aqueous battery applications. In particular, we will combine atomistic simulation, machine learning, and electrochemical characterizations to address this challenging problem.  

Sustainability aspect

The project will provide fundamental insights into designing low-cost and environmental-friendly metal oxide-based energy storage materials towards the realization of UN Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 6. 

researcher photo

Uppsala University

Chao Zhang

Assoc. Professor


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