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Rare-earth-free exchange coupled nanocomposite materials for strong permanent magnets

  • Circularity and Replacement
  • Discovery
  • Performance
  • Properties
  • Structures
  • Synthesis & Processing
Academic project

Research question

Strong permanent magnets are critical components in the world’s most giant wind turbines and state-of-the-art electric vehicles but contain unwanted rare earth metals that are harmful to our environment. In this project, we will use a novel, environmentally friendly generation method that is excellent for producing compound materials consisting of elements with different properties to realize new high-performing rare-earth-free permanent magnet materials consisting of exchange-coupled nanostructures.

Sustainability aspects

Nowadays, finding replacements for rare earth metals is a highly significant question within materials science since mining rare earth metals is harmful to the soil, water, and human health and problematic from a geopolitical perspective; China produces more than 70 % of the global demand.

researcher photo

Lund University

Maria Messing

Assoc. Professor

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