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Platinum circularity for green hydrogen technologies

  • Circularity and Replacement
  • Synthesis & Processing
Industrial project

Research question

How the recycling of platinum-based catalysts from utilized proton-exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) is possible? We intend to investigate the full loop of recycling starting from new platinum catalysts, performance evaluation of PEMFC,  water-based disintegration of membrane electrode assembly, catalyst separation and finally PEMFC re-manufacturing from recycled components and performance re-evaluation. We are planning to map the losses of platinum upon recycling through the whole loop. To enable water-based disintegration of membrane we will utilize inherent instability of biobased materials, namely cellulose.

Sustainability aspects

Our project is an interception between Sustainable Development Goal (SDG of United Nations) #7 (The clean and affordable energy) and SDG #12 (Responsible consumption and production), because it is dedicated to carbon-neutral electrical power generation by PEMFC, a utilization part of the whole green hydrogen economy, and platinum recycling.

MoRe Research Örnsköldsvik

Erik Khranovskyy


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Linköping University

Mikhail Vagin


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