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Materials for Next-Generation Electronics

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Academic project

Research question

Energy consumption related to digital data being stored and processed continues to grow steeply worldwide.  Novel paths have to be developed to revolutionize electronics and maintain the growth capacity for both the storage and processing of information. In this project, we investigate novel orbital-based phenomena that may well empower an efficient coherent control of magnetization. The overarching goal of this project is to advance the understanding of the materials’ aspects in this research area, through materials’ specific modeling, aiming to discover materials and material combinations that provide large orbital currents, and perform materials’ modeling of orbital transport, torque and dynamics for promising materials.

Sustainability aspects

The project is in accordance with the following sustainability aspects: (a) Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, (b) Responsible Consumption and Production, (c) Affordable and Clean energy, and (d) Sustainable Cities and Communities, and also, (e) No Poverty.

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Uppsala University

Peter Oppeneer



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