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Low bandgap solar absorbers: a combined experimental and computational approach

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Academic project

Research question

High temperature surfaces are of high importance in several applications related to energy and environmental remediation like, for instance, thermoelectric devices, which produce electric power from dissipated heat or water desalination, which produces drinkable water from the sea. This project aims at creating new composite materials (based on low bandgap semiconductors) that can absorb solar radiation and increase their temperature toward the realization of high-temperature surfaces. The research team will first simulate the expected properties of the new materials, and then we will synthesize them by comparing experiment and modeling. 

 Sustainability aspect 

This project is relevant to Sustainable Development goal (SDG) 6: Clean water and Sanitation and SDG 7: Clean and affordable energy. 


researcher photo

Luleå University of Technology

Alberto Vomiero


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