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Interface modification of perovskite optoelectronics by organic dye molecules

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Academic project

Research question

Perovskite optoelectronics, solar cell and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are very efficient but have some problems that need to be resolved: interfaces need passivation to prevent charge recombination losses. Device stability is rather poor due to ion migration in the perovskite material. By including organic dye molecules into perovskite optoelectronics, we will be able to passivate interfaces and we can give them an additional functionality: increased light absorption/emission. Dye molecules can also act as probes for ion accumulation at interfaces. 

Sustainability aspect

Findings from this project will improve fundamental understanding of perovskite optoelectronics and can lead to improved solar cells and LEDs. 

researcher photo

Uppsala University

Gerrit Boschloo



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