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Green Integrated Technology for Removal of CO2

  • Climate
  • Design & Modelling
  • Properties
  • Structures
  • Synthesis & Processing
Academic project

Research question

This project aims to develop novel hybrid materials and use them to establish green technologies for the capture and conversion of CO2. We will address a major scientific challenge to use the same materials for capture and conversion of CO2 to save energy inputs. This will be achieved by designing a class of organic-inorganic hybrid materials, metal-organic frameworks, at a molecular level to provide favourable electronic structures for interacting with CO2 for their capture and provide catalytic active sites for their conversion. 

Sustainability aspects

Technologies developed in this project, including CO2 capture and conversion, and their results are directly related to global warming abatement. We aim to contribute to fulfilling the European neutrality target by 2050 and European Green Deal objectives, in line with the commitment Sweden has made to global climate action under the Paris Agreement.  

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Stockholm University

Zhehao Huang


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