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Graphene-enhanced structural battery composites for future energy storage

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Academic project

Research question

We aim to realize all-fibre based structural battery composites for massless energy storage in electrical systems, such as electric cars, aircraft and devices. This will be facilitated by the development and manufacture of a cathode coated carbon fibre electrode, using green chemistry and a graphene scaffold. We expect a structural battery with high multifunctional properties to emerge, which is stiffer than aluminium and has an ability to store electrical energy approaching that of a conventional lithiumion battery. 

Sustainability aspects

The developed composite material will provide a means to store electrical energy directly in the structure, e.g., the body-of-white of a car, solar panel frames of a satellite or the aircraft interior. In this way, massless energy storage solutions will emerge – e.g., resulting in highly energy-efficient lightweight vehicles across transport modes or lightweight hand-held tools for craftsmen and people at large. 

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Chalmers University of Technology

Leif Asp


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