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Function and Stability of New Materials and Interfaces for Solar Cells

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Development of sustainable materials for solar energy conversion depends on gaining understanding of the properties of materials and interfaces under solar operation. In this project, material combinations for hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite solar cells, which have been promising in terms of stability, will be studied by photoelectron spectroscopy. In particular, the use of 2D perovskite structures to passivate and protect 3D perovskite structures and therefore enhance stability will be addressed. The chemical and electronic properties of the materials and interfaces will be investigated and how these are affected by device operation. The project will therefore give insight into what governs the operational stability of solar cell interfaces.

Sustainability aspects

The project falls within Goal 7 of the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) highlighted by the WISE program: “Green materials for efficient technology and infrastructure to harvest, transport, store, and convert energy”. The project develops and uses methods to investigate new materials for solar energy conversion enabling new technologies in this direction. The materials investigated here are based on abundant materials fabricated by cheap by solution-based methods. They could be used in multijunction configuration with existing solar cell technologies leading to enhancements in the power conversion efficiencies of installed modules and therefore a reduction in the area needed for solar power generation. The project contributes to these developments by providing an understanding of interfaces in the solar cells under operation with a focus on the enhancement of stability – a prerequisite for commercialization.

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Uppsala University

Ute Cappel

Associate Professor


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