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Biodegradable organic semiconductors for zero waste electronic sensors

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Academic project

Research question

In this project we focus on developing disposable biosensors using sustainable materials and device designs. Most disposable technologies developed to date, including biosensors, integrate components that are difficult to separate and recycle (i.e., plastic and precious metals). Moreover, conventional electronic materials and their fabrication can be costly, making the products too expensive for low-cost applications, such as food monitoring. Here we address these issues by providing a new generation of biosensors based on inexpensive starting materials, components that are environmentally friendly upon disposal, and fabrication methods that are affordable and low-energy consumption. Our demonstrator for this class of biosensors is the monitoring of food spoilage especially monitoring of meat and food freshness as animal derived products have the largest environmental footprint per weight of all food types. In this application, the devices need to be cheap, provide stable operation during use, and safe disposal after service life. Such sensors are set to provide a solution to alert consumers and producers about spoiled food and reduce waste.

Sustainability aspects

The project is aimed at SDG (sustainable development goals), including SDG 2- Zero Hunger and SDG 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities. The project also has a positive impact on SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production and SDG 13- Climate Action.

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KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Anna Herland



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