WISE Dialogue poster session

All WISE-funded projects will have the opportunity to present their research during the poster session organized on the first day (Thursday 14 March). Here there will be an opportunity to make new contacts, ask questions, and take part in each other’s research.

All WISE projects are expected to participate in the poster session at the WISE Dialogue 14-15 March 2024 in Gothenburg. Academic PIs are responsible for their poster(s).

What to prepare

A poster (or posters) presenting your WISE project(s)

General information on how to prepare your poster and files

  • Academic PIs (you) are responsible for coordinating the poster(s), but not necessarily presenting it.
  • You choose if you, your PhD/postdoc, a cosupervisor, industry PI (if applicable), or WASP PI (if applicable) should present.
  • If you have multiple WISE projects (or multiple students through a WISE Fellowship), you can/should submit multple posters.
  • It’s okay to reuse a poster from the WISE Welcome Meeting. If you are reusing a poster, please indicate in the comments below.
  • The poster session is on Thursday 14 March at 16:20-18:00.
  • Please include your WISE project title and make sure your name is clearly visible.
  • You must include the full WISE logo (with “Wallenberg Initiative Materials Science for Sustainability” spelled out) and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation logo somewhere on the poster. Logos are available below.
  • In the case of WASP-WISE projects, include the WASP logo as well (available on request, contact info@wise-materials.org).
  • In the case of WISE-ip1 industry projects, please also include the name of your industry co-applicant.
  • Please save each poster as PDF (max. file size 10 MB, you may need to play with compression or export as bitmap image if your poster contains many high-resolution images).
  • See just below for important guidelines on naming your PDF file(s).
  • Poster format: standing/portrait A1 format, i.e., width 594 mm and height 841 mm.
  • We will prepare a poster catalog on the WISE intranet including all posters, like the catalog for the Welcome Meeting 2023.
  • You need to print your poster and bring it with you, as we have no possibility to print posters locally.
  • We will supply the material necessary for hanging posters (pins, tape, etc).


Important guidelines on PDF file naming

To help us categorize your poster in the poster catalog, it’s important that you name your PDF file(s) according to these rules. Give each poster PDF file the following name:
where CODE refers to the project type:

  • CODE = f1 for a project funded through a WISE fellowship
  • CODE = ap1 for a project funded in the 1st academic call
  • CODE = ip1 for a project funded in the 1st industry call
  • CODE = ww1 for a project funded in the 1st WASP-WISE call
  • …and MATRIX-COORDINATE refers to the project’s primary coordinates on the WISE Matrix (see wise-materials.org/research/ for reference) in the form a1, d3, e4, etc.

If you have multiple posters with the same CODE, use, e.g., f1a, f1b, or ap1a, ap1b
For example:

  • Marie_Curie_Uppsala_ap1a_a1.pdf
  • Alfons_Åberg_LiU_f1b_d3.pdf
  • William_Gibson_Lund_ww1_e4.pdf



Poster file upload closes Friday 1 March at 14:00

Please find the WISE and KAW logos below