Stockholm University

Hanna Boström

  • Climate
  • Energy
  • Properties
  • Structures
  • Synthesis & Processing


I focus on the crystallography of framework materials, such as coordination polymers and metal–organic frameworks. These systems show properties relevant to fields ranging from next-generation batteries to new adsorbents for pollutants. A main focus is on the development of structure–property relationships in these materials, which will lead to more efficient design and improved properties.

Sustainability aspects

My research is fundamental in nature, but targets materials with potential applications in a range of critical areas, such as energy storage or removal of toxic substances. In many cases, these materials can be synthesised using benign components. An improved understanding of the connection between the structural aspects and the functionality will open more pathways towards property optimisation. There is also potential for the development of materials with new functionality of relevance for the transition to a more sustainable society.

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Stockholm University

Hanna Boström

Assist. Professor

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