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Erica Zeglio

  • Circularity and Replacement
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My research centers in the area of organic bioelectronics. It is a very interdisciplinary field of research where materials chemistry intersects device engineering to enable applications that integrate, interface, or inspire from biology. The research of my group is driven by the need for materials and device designs that provide the electronic/ionic conductivity needed for device application (e.g., for powering and sensing) and improve the long-term impact of modern technological products.

Sustainability aspects

Our vision is that future organic electronics will be developed using benign synthesis conditions and processing methods and, for devices that are not meant to last for a lifetime, a route for degradation/recycling in environmental or biological conditions. The research that I have initiated is founded on these visions. We look at ways to simplify and increase the sustainability of materials processing and device fabrication, to develop mixed ionic/electronic conductors with new properties, such as biodegradation after device life cycle, and to apply such materials as core components in bioelectronic devices.


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Stockholm University

Erica Zeglio

Assoc. Professor

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