Welcome Meeting 2023

Poster information

A poster session will be arranged during the WISE Welcome meeting. We expect each project to be presented in this poster session


What to include in your poster

  • Project title
  • Give the file the following name:  Firstname_Lastname_University.pdf (for example John_Smith_Uppsala.pdf).
  • We will prepare a poster catalog with all posters. Make a Pdf of your poster which should be a maximum of 5 MB, we suggest you make a screen shot of your poster in A4 format if it contains a lot of high-resolution images).
  • Quiz question, whose answer can be found on your poster. Provide the question + three alternative answers, of which only one answer is correct.
  • We will email you information about where to upload the pdf at a later stage.

General information on how to prepare your poster:

  • Poster format: Standing A1 format, i.e., width 594 mm and height 841 mm.
  • You need to print your poster and bring it with you, as we have no possibility to print posters locally.
  • Make sure your name and the project title appear clearly on top of your poster.
  • We will supply the material necessary for hanging posters (scotch tape etc).

Tip: you can also bring a bunch of A4-size versions of your poster to give out to interested people.