Here you can see positions currently open. Please check back in the coming months to keep you updated about opportunities within WISE.

  • Postdoc in Operando imaging and spectroscopy of processes on metal anodes

    WISE project title: Stabilising the unstable – metal anodes for next generation battery technology
    Closes: 31 March

  • Postdoc position in multi-property rare-earth-element free magnetocaloric material

    Multi-property rare-earth-element free magnetocaloric materials
    Closes: 7 April

  • Postdoctoral position in Physics, focus on solar cell materials

    WISE project title: Durable Organic Solar Cells by Sequential Processing from Environmentally Friendly Solvents
    Closes: 24 March

  • Postdoc (WISE) Wood modification towards hierarchical catalyst

    WISE project title: Anisotropic Cu aerogel monolith electrocatalyst
    Closes: 31 March

  • Postdoc in ionic materials for supercapacitors

    WISE project title: Electroresponsive self-assembly for ?-layer Supercapacitors
    Closes: 15 May

  • Postdoc in Plant-based stretchable batteries

    WISE project title: Plant-Based, Freely Deformable, and High-Performance Organic Batteries for Sustainable Power Sources in Upcoming IoT World
    Closes: 31 March

  • Postdoc in physical chemistry with focus on organic electrochemistry

    WISE project title: Loss-reductive electrification of liquid organic hydrogen carrier (e-LOHC)
    Closes: 31 March

  • Postdoc in polymer electronics

    WISE project title: Water-based n-type conductive polymer inks
    Closes: 6 April

  • Post-doctoral fellow in ultra-fast nanoplasmonics

    WISE project title: Earth Abundant Aluminum Nanoplasmonics
    Closes: 3 April

  • Postdoctoral position in hot-carrier photovoltaics

    WISE project title: Nanowire-based, hot-carrier photovoltaics
    Closes: 6 april

  • Post-doctoral fellow in Material Science, Sustainable Materials

    WISE project title: Clay as a carrier for polyphosphate fertilizers in agriculture
    Closes: 26 April

  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Experimental Characterisation of Catalytic Surfaces by X-ray Spectroscopy

    WISE project title:Developing sustainable catalytic conversion of CO2 to value-added chemicals and fuels using operando surfacespecific X-ray spectroscopy
    Closes: 1 March

  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Thermally Insulating Foams from Textile Waste

    WISE project title: Thermally insulating and moisture-resilient foams from textile waste
    Closes: 13 March

  • WISE Postdoctoral position Solid State Physics with focus on magnetocaloric materials

    WISE project title: Sustainable cooling using magnetic refrigerants
    Closes: 28 March

  • Postdoctoral position in condensed matter theory

    WISE project title: Materials for Next-Generation Electronics
    Closes: 14 April