• PhD student position in synthesis of conjugated materials for energy applications

    WISE project title: Green Solvents Processable Conjugated Polymers for Organic Electronics
    Closes: 28 feb

  • PhD student in Concrete Structures

    WISE project title: Materials for the infrastructure of tomorrow
    Closes: 18 feb

  • PhD student position in sustainable materials for green battery

    WISE project title: Confined bio-based renewable materials for sustainable aqueous rechargeable batteries (CLEANBATT)
    Closes: 26 march

  • PhD student - Stretchable Electronics for Active Wearable Cooling

    WISE project title: High-power multi-level kirigami materials for active wearable cooling
    Closes: 31 march

  • Postdoc in Molecular Computational Spectroscopy

    WISE project title: Design of luminescent radicals for organic light-emitting diodes
    Closes: 1 march

  • Doctoral student in organic chemistry

    WISE project title: Development of a photocatalytic system based on iron for large-scale production of fuels
    Closes: 16 feb

  • Doctoral student in polymer chemistry with a focus on alkaline electrolysis membranes for hydrogen production

    WISE project title: Alkali-stable ionenes and membranes for sustainable hydrogen production
    Closes: 19 feb

  • Doctoral student in Physics within synthesis and characterization of nanowire based solar cells

    WISE project title: Sustainable high efficiency multi-junction nanowire solar cells
    Closes: 9 feb

  • Doctoral student in Inorganic Chemistry – Green and Sustainable Materials Chemistry

    WISE project title: CO2 Fluidised Deep Eutectic Systems for Materials Processing
    Closes: 5 march

  • PhD student in Organic Chemistry (A)

    WISE project title: Sustainable Catalysis by Functionalized Materials and Applications to Late-Stage Functionalizations
    Closes: 15 feb

  • PhD student in Organic Chemistry (B)

    WISE project title: Recyclable composite materials from low value agricultural streams
    Closes: 15 feb

  • PhD student in Experimental Physics with Specialization in Organic Electronics at Umeå University

    WISE project title: A sustainable light-emission technology through control of dynamic doping
    Closes: 15 march

  • Ph.D. position in Quantum Matter Theory

    WISE project title: New materials for enhanced superconducting spintronics
    Closes: 15 feb

  • PhD student position in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on additive manufacturing of sustainable, biodegradable alloys

    WISE project title: Rare-earth-free magnesium metallic glasses enabled by additive manufacturing
    Closes: 28 feb

  • PhD student in Chemistry with focus on physical organic chemistry for novel solar cell materials

    WISE project title: Discovery of New Singlet Fission Photovoltaics Materials for Sustainable Energy Harvesting
    Closes: 20 feb

  • WISE Academic PhD-student on green flotation of black mass

    WISE project title: Generating green functionalized magnetic microparticle depressants for enhancing Li battery recycling process
    Closes: 25 feb